My New Years Resolution


My New Years Resolution


This year,


I will keep my grades up

and will listen to my parents.

I’ll be nicer to my sisters

and I will be a really good friend.


I won’t get mad about stupid things

or let people get in my way.

I won’t let words bring me down

and I won’t waste my time.


These are some of my resolutions

I’m sorry they don’t rhyme.




Hometown Poem




Smallest town in the World

Little businesses,

Fun in the summer

Calm, Quiet, Happy

Town of everyone knowing everyone


They tell me you’re boring and

I believe them, for I have experienced

the days with nothing to do


And they tell me you are dull

and I answer, yes:

I have seen the empty roads and

the bare park equipment


People may talk badly about my town, but

I say to them:

Show me another town with such kindness towards others;

Not worrying about running into someone you don’t know

and always having a friend near by


As caring as a mother to her child





Always adding new things:

Becoming more exciting


Supplying goods for the people

Giving joy to the children

Bringing happiness the all


This is Union, my hometown!

I am poem




I am a short girl who likes cats

I wonder what it’d be like to walk on the moon

I hear the thunder crashing in the distance

I see the sunlight beaming on my window

I want to go zip lining

I am a short girl who likes cats


I pretend to be a cop on a mission

I feel the wind in my hair

I touch the rings of saturn

I worry about my future

I cry when someone dies

I am a short girl who likes cats


I understand that I won’t always get what I want

I say to never say never

I dream about what I did in the day

I try the best I can in cheerleading

I hope I will visit another country

I am a short girl who likes cats

Hello world!


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